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Marvel's Avengers features one of the comics' weirdest villains

Fraser Brown

Crystal Dynamics dumped a hefty pile of Marvel's Avengers details on us last night, giving us a new trailer, footage of story missions, co-op shenanigans and more. We also found out more about AIM, the shifty group that's taken over since the Avengers were cancelled, and their strange leader.  The stream went on for over an hour, but you can see the most important bits in the 25 minute video above. If you've read a bunch of Avengers, you'll already be pretty familiar with AIM and its mad scientists, and you might have already figured out who's giving them their orders.  MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing) is one of Marvel's most enduring science villains, appearing in comics since the '60s. He's basically a giant head that flits around in a floating chair.

He's a bit of a smarty pants, got a preternatural skill for calculating probabilities and he can control minds. He looks like he'd be played just for laughs, but he's a major threat. The best of both worlds.  Check out his reveal below.  

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